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All Day Menu

The menu at Stix Restaurant & Bar is filled with delicious and exciting dishes, meticulously prepared using fresh local ingredients, and cooked using our custom built coal pit wherever possible.

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  • Cuban Pork (gf) 35

    Cuban mojo pork, mustard, corn, red peppers, & peanuts

  • Scotch Fillet (gf) 55

    black angus beef scotch fillet, chat potatoes, chipotle butter

  • Harissa Chicken 33

    harissa glazed ½ chicken, pearl cous cous, currant & almond

  • Grilled Carrots (gf, v) 29

    wood grilled heirloom carrots, walnut, red pepper, carrot top pesto

  • Beef Brisket (gf) 35

    black angus beef brisket, pilaf, smoked chili chimmi churri

  • MP Fish (gf) MP

    MP fish, herb oil, adobo, red pepper


  • Fish & Chips 32

    beer battered fish & chips, coleslaw, tartare

  • Lamb Shoulder 34

    slow cooked lamb shoulder, pearl cous cous, chermoula

  • Eggplant Milanese (v) 32

    eggplant milanese, red pepper salad, crispy capers & lemon

  • Chicken Schnitzel 33

    chicken schnitzel, chips & coleslaw


  • Chips (v) 11

    chips with aioli or tomato sauce

  • Broccolini (vg) 12

    broccolini, spinach & chipotle

  • Patatas Bravas (vg, gf) 13

    fried potatoes with lightly spiced tomato sauce

  • Corn cobs (gf, v) 11

    bbq corn cobs, chili mayo, manchego, pickled chili


  • Shortbread 9

    shortbread with dulce de leche

  • Chocolate Torte (gf) 15

    chocolate torte, orange, coffee ice-cream

  • Creme caramel (gf) 15

    crème caramel, peanut praline, peanut butter ice-cream

Kids Menu

  • Kids Pasta 18

    pasta with napoli or bolognese sauce

  • Kids Fish & Chips (*gf) 18

    grilled (or battered) fish & chips, tomato sauce

  • Kids Chicken & Chips 18

    crumbed chicken & chips, tomato sauce

  • Ice Cream (gf) 8

    vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce & sprinkles

Fire Roasted Steaks, All Day Menu

The Wood Fire Pit: The Heart of our All Day Menu

Our steaks are cooked over a balance of coal, open flame and herbs to create a uniquely flavoured steak. 

The Stix Restaurant & Bar firepit is custom built so our dedicated team of chefs can produce the most outstanding and tender steak and other grilled meat items which we change regularly. Experience our all day menu today by booking online!